Process post

I’ve switched to drawing at twice the size. It’s taking me a few hours longer but that may be because I’ve been drawing crowds of little kids who all need their hair shaded in. The rest of the pages will not be this detailed but I really like how much more control the bigger size gives me. Also, I got a special non-photo blue pencil online so I wouldn’t have to erase but then the leads ran out and the ones I got from Gordon-harris were not the same shade of blue and, I suspect useless. Does anyone know where I can get the special leads in wellington?



Steps to make a comic

First I write down an idea something really fast on a scrappy piece of paper.

Then I try make it make more sense and put the pictures in boxes


Then I go outside and look at my dads car so I can draw one then come back and redraw the pictures that were bad.


I use a light box throughout this process so for the final stage I just ink it on a nice piece of paper with dip pens changing little bits along the way.